Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elysium Online: FUNDED!


That's amazing! Two weeks before the end of the campaign and thanks to YOU we have the necessary funds to finish and publish this book! We made it!

So... what exactly happens now?

-First of all the campaign doesn't end. You still have until Dec 06 to claim perks and make sure that you get copies of the book and prints etc. This comic will NOT have distribution to comic book stores so this is pretty much your only way to get a copy!
The $7500 was the bare minimum we needed but we can definitely use more. The extra funds will go to beef up the book (hello, UV cover!) and pay people who worked on it for free. If support proves very strong there are plans of including backup stories from other artists. We'll see how it goes...

-The coming week the Previous Works Digital Pack will be sent to all who have claimed it.

-Ilias and Dimitris will start working on the book. You'll receive updates on how it goes. It's scheduled to be ready this summer.

-The art prints will be printed after the campaign's end.

-The "upgrade your claim" special offer for the original pages is still running.

If you have any questions please let us know! :)

Once again thanks to all of you who backed the book! And very special thanks to people you helped set this campaign up:
-Dimitrios for agreeing to draw the extra pages
-Tassos for designing the most kick-ass logo ever
-Sergio and Tind for shooting an amazing video and Pan Pan for providing the music
-Michael and Yannis for contributing their art as commissions
-BeSkinky for their iPhone skins and cases
-friends who gave support and advice: Vasilis, George, Thodoris, Danai, Manolis, Nickos and many many more
-industry pros who gave us their seal of approval: Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, Mike carey, Christos Gage, Mike Allred, Jay Faerber, Kurt Busiek, Yildiray Cinar, Mahmud Asrar, Gail Simone, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Daniel Govar and more
-news sites and media and bloggers who helped spread the word about Elysium Online: Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, Comics Alliance, CBR's Robot 6, Comic Vine, MAD TV's Breaking Mad, Grace Rundolph's Between the pages, Athens Voice, Lifo, Comicdom, Glamour, Ta Nea, The Lottery Party, One Man, So Comic, Jumping Fish, To Spirto, +Design, Crack Hitler, Elm0sh, Kool Fly, .Paraphernalia, The Press Project, Waiting For A Tardis That Never Comes and any more we might be forgetting right now
-Jemma Comics for picking up the Retailer Perk and the secret backer who picked the Immortality Perk
-all of you who tweeted, shared on facebook and told your friends about this project!

Thank you all again! This book will exist because of you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Elysium Online: iPhone skins and cases

We’re in the last days of the Elysium Online crowdfunding campaign, and it’s time to offer a new item, exclusively for contributors!

In collaboration with  (going live next month), we’re offering iPhone skins and cases as a perk!  Available for iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5. 

- Designed to fit perfectly on the devices
- Photo quality printing with overlamination
- Innovative, Premium quality material used
- Easy to apply and remove with no residues left.
- Long lasting (years) even under outdoor use
- Invisible, scratch resistant, bubble free screen protector included
- Does not interfere with device functionality
- Adds style on the device

- Slim size providing total protection
- Designed to fit perfectly on the devices
- Photo quality, scratch resistant printing
- Innovative, Premium quality material used
- Long lasting (years) even under outdoor use
- Invisible, scratch resistant, bubble free screen protector included
- Does not interfere with device functionality
- Manufactured from heat resistant hard polymer used on the space industry

With each case or skin you get a premium quality - wet applicable - invisible screen protector  for free!
The pack will include the required jigs for perfect application, i.e. microfiber cloth, credit card type spray, and squeeze.

There are two ways to acquire one of these beauties. Click at the campaign page:
-You can claim the iPhone Skin or Case Pack (see Perks sidebar)
-If you’ve already claimed a perk you can send an extra contribution for $15 (if you want the Skin) or $30 (if you want the case) and send a message or comment specifying your iPhone model.
There’s an extra $5 shipping charge for the skin or case. From that we exclude what you already paid for shipping. For example if you’ve claimed the $30 Sketch Pack, you live in USA and you want the skin, then from the $5 we exclude the $3 you already paid for shipping so you have to send $15 + ($5 -$3) = $17.
The skins and cases will be available a month after the campaign's end. We can send them to you  then for an extra shipping charge of $5 internationally or $3 just for Greece. Otherwise they will be sent along with the book and the other items you ordered.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Elysium Online at Grace Randolph's Between The Pages and Newsarama!

I gave an interview to the amazing Grace Randolph about Elysium Online and breaking into American comics. You think my English at the Indiegogo campaign pitch video sound funny? Wait Until you hear me unrehearsed :P

Also, HERE is an extensive interview I gave to Newsarama earlier this week. Cool stuff!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elysium Online: Previous Works Digital Pack

The Elysium Online Indiegogo campaign is still going strong and the Previews Works Digital Pack (PWDP) is proving to be one of the most popular perks. It's time to present its contents in greater detail. (The photographed items have JUST been added to it!)

It's a collection of some of my earlier, out of print comics, now offered in PDF format. Many of them are previously unpublished. Unless otherwise noted all the comics are in Greek.
The stories included are: 

24 Hour Comic
Printed in only 80 copies as part of the "24 Hour Subart Comics".
Action Movies Are To Blame (+English version) 
5 page story, done for my 2007 mimicomic "Minifesto". Reprinted in "9" comics magazine.
Alanes (Αλάνες) 
Soccer comic for younger readers, published in Redman.

Alter Ego
2 page story for "9". (Above it's just a photograph. In the pack there'll be the original digital files).

Angouleme (Λίγες Μέρες Στην Ανγκουλέμ) 
Cartoon report of my trip to the famous Comics Convention in Angouleme, France.

The complete first season of the superhero series for "9" comics magazine.  

Comic Calendar  
Series of cartiins for comic related calendars by "Ellinika Grammata". For 2005, 2006, 2007.

Crossover Cartoons (in English)
Mashup cartoons for

Dick Blossom (in English)
4 page noir comic for GIN747
Ena Tsigaro Xronos (Ένα Τσιγάρο Χρόνος) 
22 single page comics from my series with Tassos Pappaionanou for "9".
How I Learned To Love French (Πως Έμαθα Να Αγαπώ Τα Γαλλικά)
Unpublished story for a contest.
Girl On Girl
LGBT series for "City Uncovered"
It's My Party 
14 page comic for
Single page theater-inspired comics for Athens Festival.

Manifesto / Blood Opera: Crossover
Spoof of my Manifesto and Blood Opera comics. (Above it's just a photograph. In the pack there'll be the original digital files).
Monologue (Μονόλογος) 
Comic for the events of November 17th.

My Father Wants To Rule The World (Ο Μπαμπάς Μου Θέλει Να Κατακτήσει Τον Κόσμο)
4 page story for 9. (Above it's just a photograph. In the pack there'll be the original digital files).

Omorfi Mera ('Ομορφη Μέρα) 
2 page unpublished comic.
Private Lives (+English version) 
4 page comic done for Vavel Comics Festival. Reprinted in GIN747
Report From Earth (in English) 
3 page story, done for my 2007 mimicomic "Minifesto". 

S.Claus (Α.Βασίλης)
4 page Christmas story for "9". (Above it's just a photograph. In the pack there'll be the original digital files).

Sinou No Xon 
4 page story for "9"

The Devil trilogy: Carmen And The White Rabbit, The Rise And Fall Of Titus Falomegas, Snob! (Η Κάρμεν Και Το Λευκό Κουνέλι, Η Άνοδος Και Η Πτώση Του Τίτου Φαλλομέγα, Snob!)
Three loosely connected stories for "9". The "Titus" comic is presented uncencored for the first time. (Above it's just a photograph. In the pack there'll be the original digital files).

The Dragon And The Ghost (in English) 
Minicomic, self-published in 2011. 

The Iliad In Sixteen Pages (in English) 
Minicomic, self-published in 2009.  
Τhe One And Only Billy Shears (+English version) 
4 page Beatles story, done for my 2007 mimicomic "Minifesto".  
There's another (Υπάρχει άλλη)
Comic adaptation of a song.

Valentine Rufas (Οδηγός Του Βαλεντίνου Ρούφα Για Την Ερωτική Επιτυχία) 
Comic for Valentine's day for "9"

...that's roughly 300 pages of comics!
 Also included: a collection of his illustrations from that time.
 You will be given an link to download this perk as soon as the project it's funding goal (even if that happens before the campaign times out).

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elysium Online: CULT special deal

ELYSIUM ONLINE is my new graphic novel. I am currently running an Indiegogo campaing to fund it. See more details and help get it funded HERE.

We have a special offer for people who have backed the book. A chance to upgrade whatever perk you have claimed to the Original Page Pack perk, currently priced at $250! 
What you have to do is get three friends of yours to contribute (for the Basic Book pack or more) and have them state "[your name] sent me here" in the Comments section or in a private comment.

They get copies of the book and whatever else they claimed and you get: 
"An original page from ELYSIUM ONLINE! An interior page of your choosing is available for you in this perk along with everything in the Deluxe Sketch Pack: a signed copy of the book with a detailed Option B sketch of your choice inside, the PDF version, the PWDP, the RSMMP and also the beautiful, 13x19.6 inches print of the cover."

Well... the motherload basically! ;) 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elysium Online at Breaking Mad

I was a guest at MAD TV's show, Breaking Mad, to talk about Elysium Online, my crowdfunded graphic novel. MAD is Greece's premiere music and youth culture channel so the interview is in Greek.
(It's the Halloween show. In case you're wondering why the hosts look like that).