Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gene Trash

A few years back Scott Lobdell and I pitched this book, GENE TRASH, to Image. It was about a bunch of trailer park kids who gain superpowers. 
Well, as you can guess it never happened but I like some of the art from the pitch so here it is.
(And I have a new superhero book debuting from Image in 2015 so there's that! ;) )

The team as best as I can remember (left to right):
-Basically Kelly Bundy as Supergirl
-The team leader. Some kind of extreme cold powers
-hm... I think this lady was to be their arch villain?
-genderfluid character with floating (?) powers
-"The ferret", wild guy
-"The Flying F" (for "fist"). Exploading hands

Goodbye Gene Trash, you were never meant to be.