Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elysium Online: CULT special deal

ELYSIUM ONLINE is my new graphic novel. I am currently running an Indiegogo campaing to fund it. See more details and help get it funded HERE.

We have a special offer for people who have backed the book. A chance to upgrade whatever perk you have claimed to the Original Page Pack perk, currently priced at $250! 
What you have to do is get three friends of yours to contribute (for the Basic Book pack or more) and have them state "[your name] sent me here" in the Comments section or in a private comment.

They get copies of the book and whatever else they claimed and you get: 
"An original page from ELYSIUM ONLINE! An interior page of your choosing is available for you in this perk along with everything in the Deluxe Sketch Pack: a signed copy of the book with a detailed Option B sketch of your choice inside, the PDF version, the PWDP, the RSMMP and also the beautiful, 13x19.6 inches print of the cover."

Well... the motherload basically! ;) 

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Aggelos Pegios said...

τοποθέτησα ένα banner στη δεξιά στήλη του comicoupoli για το elysium online.καλή συνέχια