Monday, December 5, 2011


I added an online store and a couple things more on my site, give me a moment to walk you throught them.
(Clicking on the pics will take you to each section of my site).

 Here you can order new, exclusive items like:
-The Dragon And The Ghost, a limited edition minicomic I did for my 10th anniversary
-Obey, a sticker of your new mistress
-Khal And Khaleesi, a signed, luxury print of the Game Of Thrones characters
As well as old favorites like
-Dirty Laundry, my 2011 sketchbook
-Blast Comics, award-winning superhero anthology with Becky Cloonan, Ross Campbell, Mahmud A.Asrar and more.
More items to be added in the near future.

I'm open for commissions. If you want me to draw something for you click and see what you have to do.

More info, pages and photos from my new comic.

I updated my illustrations section with many more old and new pics, as well as a seperate section for this DC monster. If you're interested in buying the original art for one of these just contact me at .

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