Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marvel, 15 years later.

Here’s a concept I tried out for fun: a team of Avengers, fifteen years in the future. Using only characters already born in the Marvel continuity.

Luna Maximoff
 The daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal, leader of the Inhumans. She’s addicted to the Terrigen Mists and she’s been exposed to them again and again. Who knows what powers she possesses now beyond her visual empathy? I tried to give her a slightly Kirby-esque costume. Simple like her mother’s, with jagged lines like her father’s, metallic and reflective to show her alien nature.

Omega / Quentin Quire
In his mature years now, Quentin’s rebellious youth is in the past. He grew up to embrace the X-men ideals. He even wears the old school uniform (he always did like retro clothes), with purple instead of blue to reflect Magneto’s teachings too. He’s still an jerk though, hitting on Luna only because he wants to be able to brag that he nailed Magneto’s granddaughter.

Jewel / Danielle Cage
The daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones is super strong  like her parents and trained in kung-fu by her “uncle”, Iron Fist. Only sixteen and totally into being a superhero. Her costume has  a similar cut to her mother’s original Jewel one, a yellow and green color scheme like her uncle’s and her weapon of choice, chains, is a nod to her father (as is her kidda-like-a-tiara haircut).

Bruiser / Molly Hayes
Growing up as one of the Runaways, Molly has by now huge experience in being a superhero. She’s done it all, been an Avenger, teaming up with living legends like Captain America and saving the universe a number of times. Her costume is a mixture of the most typical superhero-y design she could think of (with nods to Cap and Spider-man) and the street clothes she’s gotten so used in wearing in her earlier adventures. And it’s pink cause... weee, pink!

Doom / Valeria Richards
The daughter of Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Top scientist of the world, sole survivor of the Fantastic Four, director of the FF, ruler of Latveria, most dangerous person in the world. She has no powers but the woman who can make her own version of the ultimate nullifier doesn’t need any. Her costume is a hi-tech version of the original Fantastic Four uniform with the cowl she’s expected by her Latverian subjects to wear.

Tigro / William Nelson
The son of Tigra and a Skrull Hank Pym impostor. Abandoned by his mother to grow up with the Cat People and with Skrull DNA in his genetic makeup he grew up with many deep psychological issues. He can morph into all types (and sizes, wink, wink) of cats and cat-like creatures, from a giant lion-monster to an army of alley cats. His costume has elements from both Skrull and Cat People cultures.



So effing cool.

Great use of the last ten years of Marvel continuity.

Love every design.

Aman Chaudhary said...

This is all spot-on brilliant! :)

esponjose said...

I like this! It's original and interesting! Hope I'll live long enough to see if it comes true :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing. But I'm thinking that most of the kids would be Young Avengers first like Danielle Cage who is a character that I've been following since day one. I also think that Danielle would become friends with America Chavez, then go completely rogue after almost killing her parents. But that's just my opinion. Say do you have anymore designs of Danielle Cage in other costumes.

ThirteenthWitch said...

I'm using this for a fan fic :)