Friday, March 25, 2011

New Lionheart review

The Wordbloglar
features a cool review for Falling for Lionheart. Check it out!

"The story has some really funny & sharp moments and all the supporting characters are well-defined. Ilias Kyriazis whose work I was previously unfamiliar with handles the writing & art chores like a pro. The dialogue is crisp, original & fun and the art is clean and fluid. Kyriazis has a great sense of storytelling and definitely stands on his own as a cartoonist to watch."


Derevirn said...

Congrats gia to review! H ellhnikh ekdosh pote vgainei?

ilias kyriazis said...

sto Comicdom stis 8 aprl. tha anebaso se mia dyo meres to deltio typoy