Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Long and Shortbox of it on Falling for Lionheart

The Long and Shortbox of it rates Falling For Lionheart in the top 3 graphic novellas for 2010 and has some very cool things to say about it:

"Falling for Lionheart"
written and drawn by Ilias Kyriazis
The 'indie- film' comic for the year. [...] Emotional, but with action, sex and humor; alternative lifestyles are presented as well as mainstream ones; comics is depicted as a medium capable of expressing emotion, "Falling for Lionheart" is among the finest graphic novellas I have ever read. And furthermore, it uses different visual arts styles to VERY smart narrative effect.

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Jon Gorga said...

Entirely deserved sir!

I also mentioned back in November being excited to read it:

Amazing work!