Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eating New York

I recently went on a trip to NY for the New York Comic Con (more on that later). For some reason I decided to take a picture of everything I ate while I was there. A food diary with the sole purpose to make you jealous and me fat.

A cinnamon roll at Eleytherios Venizelos airport before boarding.

Airplane food. Moving along..

First day in NY, breakfast at Katz's, pancakes and sausages. I'm not a big pancakes person but these were easily the best I have eaten.

Snapple, I love you. Let's live together and have lots of kids.

Dinner at the Corner Bistro. The burger was pretty basic but I could see why people like it. Also the place has great, authentic atmosphere. But I was expecting something more...

Bagel with cream cheese from Starbucks. I love it.

One of the best places I ate in NY, Cafe Havana. The steak with eggs and home fries was delicious!

Chocolate pizza from Max Brenner. Not the best thing on the menu but still!

Eggs on a roll with cheese and bacon. Plus a muffin that was a bit of overkill and remained half-eaten.

A so and so slice of pizza.

Then it was time for Korean BBQ! Fist some kind of fried fish...

Then a pizza-like appetizer with squid and vegetables...

...and then my favorite! Delicious barbequed veal that you eat with rice and fresh lettuce. Mouth-watering!

And frozen yogurt from Pinkberry for dessert. I've never tried frozen yogurt before, it was very good!

Another day,another bagel.

Roasted nuts.They smelled incredible! They tasted ok.

Roast beef from the Comic Con. Crap.

My camera died that night so I have no pic of my own of my dinner, T.G.I. Fridays' Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta

A killer breakfast at a diner at 34th and 8th. Waffles, bacon and eggs.

"Home made" lemonade at the Con. Pretty decent.

Chicken quesadilas...

...and sirloin steak for dinner.

Yup, bagel again.

Back at the Korean BBQ place (with a different group of friends this time). I ate pretty much what I did last time plus these dim sum - like appetizers.

Cheesecake for dessert.

Scrabled eggs, sausages and pancakes for breakfast at a diner near my hotel.

Tru Blood in broad daylight?! What's wrong with this picture?

And a cookie dough ice cream before boarding at JFK.

...ok, now time to go on a diet again.

...so I can do this again next year.

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