Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Avengers

 It's always very fun to come up with rosters for superhero teams. I thought I'd draw my own take on the Avengers (or the Defenders?) I limited my choices to B-list and C-list characters so it'd feel more personal. A team for a hypothetical book I could make my own.

Team Leader and co-founder. Her experience makes her the best choice for the role even if leading is not her style. I always enjoy "fun" and seemingly carefree characters thrown in situations that require a lot of responsibility.
At first I went with a pink costume and it looked cool but it clashed with everyone else on the team.

The other founder. I enjoy a jerk in a team and he's one of the biggest jerks Marvel has.
I stepped away from the Captain America look a little. I armed him with John Wayne's actual handgun, cause what's more American than that?

Alien robot gladiator! What's not to love? Why isn't he more popular?
I wanted him to look a little retro, something that could be a Masters Of The Universe or M.U.S.C.L.E figure. Thus the simple design and the high waist. Also the less "real" his technology looks, the more alien he looks.

Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane was (will be) the Ghost Rider of the year 2099. His self ended uploaded online and it somehow got transported back in our time. He created a new mechanical body and fights to prevent his dark future. I see him as a very political, very anti-corporation character. He dropped the Ghost Rider name out of respect to the current one.

Villains join superhero teams all the time, right? She-Hulk was her lawyer so when she saw she was serious about going straight she gave her a chance. She still a very angry and very dangerous person though.
I wanted her costume to reflect her original hyper-sexualised one (I've never seen Nekra clothed) but I think she also needs a more practical version. She can wear this one at parties.

 Ruby Thursday
Another former villain. Ruby and Nekra became lovers in prison and Nekra brought her with her on this team. She's now having "sex" with Zero (the kind of cyberspace sex only people with computer brains can have) and there's a weird love triangle between them

Cloak and Dagger
Underused characters I always wanted to see as part of a larger team. I also wanna see how will cute and naive Dagger fare in a team of former villains and psychos and weirdos like this.

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Len Kaminski said...

COOL! Love the redesign on Zero, and the character interdynamics - Z, Ruby, Nekra triangle, the classic former villains turned Avengers, and that wacky Torgo. I'd read it...