Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Year Anniversary poster pic Who-Is-Who

Here's this pic I did for my 10th anniversasy in comics. Me, surrounded by characters from my comics. It's just what artists draw in their anniversaries. :P

And here's a handy who-is-who:
1- Χάρης (Haris) from Σε Βλέπω (Se Vlepo).
2- Μανώλης (Manolis) from Στη Μέση Ο Μανώλης (Sti Mesi O Manolis). Co-created with Leo Kalovyrnas.
3- Macadara from Blast comics.
4- Mel from Melody.
5- Rachel Unglighter from Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression. Co-created with Scott Lobdell.
6- Dick Blossom from Dick Blossom.
7- Dominatrix from Blockbuster.
8- Arsenal from Blood Opera.
9- Jason Nesmith from Galaxy Quest: Global Warning. Adapted to comics with Scott Lobdell.
10- Paul Savidis from Elysium Online.
11- Kirby from Awesome! Co-created with Scott Lobdell.
12- Jared from Jared.
13- Woman-in-metal from The Dragon And the Ghost.
14- Τιτίκα (Titika) from Manifesto and Manifesto Dyo.
15- Βίκτωρας (Victoras) from Manifesto and Manifesto Dyo.
16- Achilles from The Iliad In Sixteen Pages.
17- Leo "Lionheart" Hartfield from Falling For Lionheart.
18- Ilias Kyriazis.

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