Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Elysium Online Indiegogo campaign!



ELYSIUM ONLINE is a graphic novel I've been working for quite some time.

It's about Elysium, a revolutionary social network that allows its users to interact with their deceased  loved ones. But the dead are not who we think they are.

"Just when I thought it was impossible to come up with a fresh, original concept in horror, Ilias Kyriazis has done it. And he drew it beautifully too. Someone needs to tell him there's such a thing as being TOO talented!"
Christos Gage, writer (Avengers Academy, X-men Legacy)

"A much scarier and more emotionally hard-hitting version of a Roland Emerich movie!"
Mike Carey, writer (X-Men Legacy, Lucifer)

"Wow! [Elysium Online] is stunning!"
Scott Lobdell, writer (Superman, Uncanny X-men)

I'm launching a campaign to fund it so if you' re interested check out its Indiegogo page!
Thank you for your support!

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