Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Character mashups and crossovers

A series of cartoons I did for Comic, movie and TV characters meeting each other...
Superman and Donald Duck

Daredevil, Snake Eyes and prof. Tournesol  

 Death, Judge Death and Thanos

Tyrion Lanister and Gimli

the Doctor and Captain America

Ash, Buster Bluth, captain Hook and Luke Skywalker

James Bond and Batman

dr. House to Thor 

Edward Cullen and Bill Compton

Kingpin and E. Honda

the Engineers and the Celestials

Spider-man and Lady Gaga


Anonymous said...

Βαζε και κανα λινκ σε Wikipedia να ξερουμε απο που ειναι ο καθενας. Πχ ποιοι ειναι οι "Engineers" στο προτελευταιο καρε, και απο που υποτιθεται πρεπει να τους ξερουμε;

ilias kyriazis said...
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